How To Connect PC Internet To Mobiles Via WiFi?

20 Dec 2016
This post must have attracted you towards itself since this is something most people want to know. It is quite easy to use mobile data on your PC as the internet but people also wanna know if their is anyway with the help of which we can connect PC’s internet to the mobile. Well, in short, people ask whether we can turn into our PC into Wi-Fi router and the answer is, Yes. We can turn our PC into a Wi-Fi router and then share its internet with the mobile phones. Now there are different ways to do it and today, I am going to share the easiest of these methods with you. Make sure that you follow each and every step in this guide carefully and then you will learn how to connect PC internet to Mobiles via Wi-Fi. So, let us begin now with your guide.
Note: I was using Windows 10 while making this guide so things may change for you on other operating systems.
1. Open the command prompt by pressing Win + X keys.
2. Next thing is to make sure that whether you have a compatible and optimal wireless adapter device connected to your PC. Some latest computers do have the built in wireless adapter while the older ones do not so you will need to connect one.
3. Then you will need to find the hosted network support line. If you do not have one then a USB Adapter can work as well.
4. It is very obvious that you need an internet connection on your computer to perform this operation so make sure that your computer is connected to the internet while you ought to do this.
5. You are going to need this command “netsh wlan set hosted network mode=allow ssid=name key=password” to create the network.
6. Now use this command “netsh WLAN start hosted network” to create a new hotspot on your PC.
7. Now you will need to enter the properties of your internet connection which can be done by right-clicking the ethernet controller and select properties.
8. Find the sharing tab in the properties and you will need to check the first box.
9. Now you will need to select the network with which you chose to share the network with via hotspot.
10. Now click OK and start enjoying the internet which you just connected from your PC on your mobile. And this is it.
I really hope that you enjoyed and liked this guide. If you did, then let us know in the comments section below. Keep visiting our website for free tech guides and stuff.

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